Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring time and Easter!!!!

Ayden and his Easter basket!

Ayden and I hunting eggs :)

Meeting an Easter bunny!

Well once again it has been months since I have taken time to update our blog here... sorry for those of you who check and don't see updated pictures of our little man! We have had some busy months; I (Kimmy) have began nannying again in the afternoons, and have been taking Ayden with me, and seriously I have been SO tired from this transition. It has been a really good transition but if you know me, change good or bad is ALWAYS hard for me. :) We have been able to take some time lately to be outside with Ayden going to the park, taking walks, going to the zoo in Colombia, SC, doing an Easter egg hunt at church and just enjoying the beauty of Spring!! I love to watch all the trees bloom and change... I dislike all the pollen but hey what can you do. :) Hope you enjoy these pictures of our recent times together; we sure did.
Before my hair cut
After my hair cut= HANDSOME!!

Playing in the park

our little bunny
choo choos!!

retiles :]



feeding the goat


slide@ the zoo

Monkeys!! Ayden love to say the sounds for all the animals! He knows almost all the sounds animals make, and for the ones that really don't make sounds life giraffe and elephant, he says their actual name; he is growing leaps and bounds and we are enjoying every minute!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year Activities!!

Since the New Year Ayden and I have been able to get out a bit in this chilly NC weather we have been having. We have been able to take the light rail uptown to Charlotte and enjoy an afternoon with great friends, Melissa and Clare, at the Imaginon Library. We have also been to the YMCA swimming with Melissa and Clare just yesterday, it was Ayden's first time and he loved every minute of it. I wish that I could have taken more pictures but seriously watching Ayden was the goal :) The ones I did snap are fun though!!
Melissa and Clare are friends that we have met through mutual friends! We have really enjoyed hanging out with them and enjoying new adventures together! Clare is one month older than Ayden and they are so close in age and play so well together it is really fun!! We are thankful for their lives and look forward to many more fun play dates!!

Christmas time is here!!!

We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas with just the three of us! Ayden had his first cold the week of Christmas but thankfully it was not bad and was over by the end of the week! We were so thankful for the gift of Jesus this Christmas and reminded again to remember His gift of salvation not just on Christmas day but everyday of the year!
We had a fun morning opening presents and stockings, watching the Christmas parade; I cooked and baked all afternoon which was really fun for me, and we ended the day with a yummy dinner with Danny and Jacqui and the Nativity Story movie afterwards!

Oh my, Oh my, has it been a long time...

Updates and more updates, that is my goal as I post this!! I am SO sorry, to all our friends and family that regularly look at our web page, that we have taken a vacation from blogging and updating you about our lives. We have had some really busy months with Ayden's Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I hope that the pictures themselves will bless you as you view them! We are continually being blessed by the Lord and reminded daily that He alone is in control of our lives, finances, needs, health, etc.
All these pictures are from Christmas and Ayden's birthday! We were very blessed to have Min's mom come and stay with us for 10 days! She cooked amazing food and just had a wonderful time together with us and Ayden too. She loves loves her grandson, as do his other grandparents; it was a great time together!

Baking with mommy!

Time as a family at the Billy Graham Library celebrating Christmas!!

Our Christmas tree!

Ayden learning how to decorate, and to not take ornaments off once they are on the tree! He did a really good job!!!

Seeing the Christmas tree for the first time all lit up!!

Sweet baby boy!!

Thanksgiving days with family!

Playing hoops!

Ayden's actual Birthday night, celebrating Korean tradition!

Our 1 year old!

Getting all ready in his outfit!

Playing with Uncle Danny and Elizabeth at his party!

Ayden's party!

Singing time :)

New and fun toys!

Friends and Family!


and more cake!!

Fun Boy!!
We hope that you enjoyed those picture and the short update... I am going to do another post, which will be above this one for what Ayden and I have done in the New Year!! We have had some fun adventures!! Until then, may the Lord bless and keep you!!